Audio: The True Impact of a Severance Tax

Gov. Wolf justifies his proposed natural gas severance tax with populist rhetoric, claiming Pennsylvania’s gas drillers aren’t paying their “fair share.” This is far from accurate.

Gas drillers paid more than $600 million in impact fee taxes from 2011 to 2013 and $318 million in other state taxes since 2009. If these amounts don’t constitute a “fair share,” what does?

CF’s Nate Benefield was on The Gary Sutton Show to take on the “fair share” claim and expand on his recent state Senate testimony in which he unveiled the true, harmful impacts of the proposed severance tax.

Nate explains how the severance tax will hinder industrial investment in Pennsylvania and lead to 4,000 fewer private sector jobs by 2017.

The severance tax would also hurt Pennsylvania’s families, including families earning less than $100,000, who would have to pay an additional $180 million–mostly through higher energy bills.  

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