Audio: Gov. Wolf’s Budget Harms Workers at All Income Levels

At the same time Gov. Wolf is claiming his budget proposal will bring a net tax reduction, an Independent Fiscal Office (IFO) study reveals his proposal would actually inflict higher taxes upon workers in every income group.  

With such conflicting reports, who should you believe?

James Paul, a CF senior policy analyst, recently spoke with WSBA’s Gary Sutton about how Gov. Wolf’s budget proposal actually hurts middle class families, rather than relieving them­–as he claimed it would.

James states Gov. Wolf’s plan to increase state revenue by increasing taxes and expanding the items subject to the sales tax–everything from “the cradle to the grave”–makes taxpayers shoulder a heavier burden with no relief in sight. He outlines a more taxpayer-friendly strategy by stating legislators should “restrain spending…hold the line on taxes, and bring the budget into balance that way.”

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