Audio: Gov. Wolf’s Stealth Unionization

Gov. Wolf’s recent executive order has been unveiled as an illegal attempt to unionize home healthcare workers–but the governor is claiming his order does not pave the way for unionizing workers.

CF’s Matt Brouillette was recently on KDKA radio with Mike Pintek to discuss this stealth unionization of thousands of homecare workers and and how it could harm the very individuals the governor is claiming to protect.

Matt unveils the reasoning behind this forced unionization by describing it as “an under the radar effort to allow for these unions [SEIU and AFSCME] to profit off of the backs of these homecare workers”–profits that would be pocketed by some of Wolf’s biggest 2014 campaign supporters.

Gov. Wolf’s stealth effort would also effectively create law through his executive order, an unconstitutional breach of power that is currently being contested in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania.

Listen below to learn more about Gov. Wolf’s illegal, stealth unionization attempt.

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