Audio: The Need for the Taxpayer Protection Act

The Taxpayer Protection Act is a simple idea that achieves four goals: limiting the future growth of state government spending, forcing the state government to prioritize future spending, helping to balance the budget during economic recessions, and providing tax relief for working families.

CF’s Matt Brouillette was recently on WSBA with Gary Sutton to discuss the TPA and the need to restrain reckless spending or a financial burden too big to bear will continue to hinder Pennsylvania’s already suffering economy.

As Matt explains, the TPA would put up “guard rails” on government spending to protect taxpayers’ wallets and family budgets. The construction of these “guardrails” are currently underway with the Senate Finance Committee advancing two versions of TPA legislation.

Both pieces of legislation provide a promising path to economic prosperity—in contrast to Gov. Wolf’s proposed budget of historical tax increases—by returning excess tax revenue to the private sector and providing tax relief to families already facing one of the highest tax rates in the country.

Listen below to learn more about the Taxpayer Protection Act from Matt’s interview with Gary Sutton.

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