Audio: School Choice is More than Just a Concept

Every child deserves access to the best educational opportunity available to them, especially if quality education is hard to find in their local public school district. School choice is already more than just a concept for tens of thousands of students across the state and it is growing in popularity—Pennsylvania’s impressive 173 charter schools being one example.

James Paul, a CF senior policy analyst, outlines the state of school choice in Pennsylvania by describing Pennsylvania as a “pioneer of school choice.” But lawmakers still have work to do to expand educational opportunity and better allocate tax dollars to fund students’ education—rather than continuing to fund a broken system.

One of the best parts about school choice, as James points out in a recent radio interview, is that it supports accountability in the educational system.  James says that if a charter school, for instance, is “not providing good services or improving results in the classroom” it should not be permitted to continue operating. That level of customer accountability is rarely seen in traditional schools.

Listen to some of James’ interview with Gary Sutton on WSBA 910 AM:

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