Audio: Wolf’s Campaign Rhetoric Meets Governing Reality

Governor Wolf has made some bold promises on his campaign trail, but very soon the campaign rhetoric will meet governing reality.

CF’s President and CEO Matt Brouillette recently discussed Gov. Wolf’s policy agenda and how it will affect the people of Pennsylvania on The Gary Sutton Show.

As Matt points out in this interview, Wolf’s policy agenda of higher taxes, increased spending, and bigger government are “bad policies that have put Pennsylvania in jeopardy” and will not benefit middle- and low-income families.

Rather than creating opportunities for everyone, big government solutions like raising the minimum wage have dishearten aspiring entrepreneurs and potential business owners. As Matt points out, small business owners – or the “little guys” – have trouble establishing themselves due to the barriers erected by a government that “makes it difficult to even enter the marketplace”.

Listen to Matt’s latest interview with Gary Sutton on WSBA 910AM:

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