Audio: Mary’s Law Ends Unfair Political Privilege

Government unions have the luxury of using taxpayers’ resources—which should never be used for politics—to collect their political dues money and direct campaign contributions. Simultaneously, these unions have been wrongly representing their own union members’ opinions by declaring that some, like Mary Trometter, support political candidates that they do not.

CF’s Bob Dick explains how Mary’s Law, named after Mary Trometter and also known as paycheck protection, would put an end to this unfairness.

Bob points out that it’s morally wrong for anyone to “be forced to subsidize political policy they disagree with.”

Mary’s Law would force union leaders to come face-to-face with the employees they represent, allowing members to ask why their union is spending their dues on candidates they might not support.

Listen below to hear Bob on WSBA 910’s The Gary Sutton Show as he explains why Pennsylvania needs  Mary’s Law now.

The Gary Sutton Show airs daily on WSBA 910AM in the York area.

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