Mary’s Law: Protecting Teachers and Taxpayers

“Mary’s Law,” new legislation that will soon be introduced by State Senators John Eichelberger and Gene Yaw—along with 10 other senators—would end the taxpayer-funded collection of political money.

Update: A similar cosponorship memo has been introduced in the PA House, sponsored by Representatives Cutler and Emrick, along with Evankovich and Knowles.

Mary’s Law is named after a PSEA member from Williamsport who saw the union use not only her dues, but her name in endorsing a candidate she didn’t support. You can watch Mary’s story here:

Mary’s Law, also referred to as “paycheck protection,” would prohibit public collection of all political money for government unions. Currently, state and local governments in Pennsylvania collect explicitly political funds (both campaign contributions and dues that can be used on politics) on behalf of government unions. This mix of politics and public resources is illegal in any other context.

Mary’s experience powerfully demonstrates why we need paycheck protection, both for workers, and to remove the unfair political privilege government unions have.

Our updated analysis of union political spending in the 2014 election showed government unions spent $7.7 million in direct contributions to candidates during the election cycle. Additionally, government unions spent millions more in support of candidates from union dues—both in contributions to “SuperPACs” which run TV and radio ads endorsing candidates, and in direct union action, including mailers and commercials, supporting candidates.

Public resources should never be used for politics. We need lawmakers to enact Mary’s Law to protect teachers like Mary and taxpayers across across Pennsylvania from being exploited for political gain. Click here to write your lawmakers about this critical issue.