Are Teachers’ Union Dues Used for Politics?

Did you see the PSEA’s latest Voice magazine? It features a full two-page article, claiming, among other things, that “no dues money is given to candidates.” This is true as far as it goes.

But they leave out key facts. Like that union PAC money—campaign contributions that are given to candidates—is collected from workers’ paychecks using taxpayer-funded resources. And that union dues are used to support partisan politics and candidates—like the 5 pages in the PSEA Voice dedicated to supporting Rob McCord.

The PSEA is required by law to tell members how much of their dues go to politics. Their June edition of the Voice told members the union estimates it will use 12 percent of their dues on politics and lobbying in 2013-14. This would represent more than $7 million this year, significantly higher than the $3.8 million they reported spending on political activity and lobbying last year.

PSEA Disclosure Dues for Politics

Despite what you may have heard, teachers’ dues are used for politics.