State House to Tackle Union Violence

Federal charges of racketeering and arson against several Philadelphia union members, who called themselves The Helpful Union Guys (or T.H.U.G.s) has renewed interest in closing a loophole in state law, exempting parties in a labor dispute from prosecution.

Under current law, anyone involved in a labor dispute is exempted from laws against stalking, harassment, and even threatening to use weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). In a recent court case, charges of harassment against a union leader stemming from threats made at a restaurant were dismissed on grounds that it was related to a union dispute.

HB 1154 would remove these exemptions. Shockingly, union leaders defend the exemptions. They argue that stalking, harassment, and threatening to use WMDs are somehow vital to free speech. They also offer the defense “hey businesses do it too.”

As National Review reports:

“We think the law works,” Pennsylvania AFL-CIO president Rick Bloomingdale said to reporters last week, explaining that the exemption is necessary to protect labor free speech rights. …

Frank Snyder, secretary-treasurer of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, tells the Lehigh Valley Morning Call the exemptions protect free speech and claims National Labor Relations Board figures “show employers routinely, and with total disregard for the law, intimidate, harass, stalk and even fire people who try to form unions.”

There’s a huge flaw in Mr. Snyder’s logic. HB 1154 would remove the exemption for all parties in a labor dispute, both unions and employers. If he truly believes that business owners are getting away with harassment, he should support removing that loophole from the law to crack down on abuses.

The Pittsburgh-Post Gazette reports that HB 1154 could be voted on in the Pennsylvania House this week.

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