Union Members Support Paycheck Protection

Last week, my colleague Bob wrote in the Patriot News that union leaders are waging a “war on truth” by attacking paycheck protection but ignoring the real issue: whether public resources should be used to support politics.

As if to prove that point, the Patriot ran another op-ed—from a Wisconsin union officer—citing all the typical rhetoric. She points to the usual bogeymen, the Koch brothers, as the “barbarians at the gate;” claims paycheck protection will “silence the voices of middle class workers;” and refers to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker as a fascist.

Why do union bosses keeping talking about the Koch brothers and ALEC, while ignoring the issue of paycheck protection? Because the Koch brothers and ALEC don’t have the support of 80 percent of union members.

Ending taxpayer collection of union campaign contributions does.

A new survey of union households conducted by Susquehanna Polling and Research finds strong support among union households for ending taxpayer-funded collection of union dues and campaign contributions:

  • 80 percent of union households believe taxpayer resources should NOT be used to collect campaign contributions.
  • 67 percent of union households believe collection of dues by the government is NOT a proper use of state resources.
  • 58 percent of union households support passing paycheck protection.
  • 65 percent of union households believe paycheck protection would empower individual workers to have greater control over how their money is spent.

Union Members Support Paycheck Protection

You can see more of the poll results here. And for more of the blatantly false claims being made about paycheck protection—despite the overwhelming support of union members—read our memo answering the critics of paycheck protection here.