What Teachers Are Saying About Union Reform

One teacher called it “a kick in the teeth.” Another used the word “extortion.” What are these teachers talking about? The practice in Pennsylvania of teachers’ union dues being used for politics, without their permission, and of being forced to pay the union just to keep their jobs—all of which is reinforced by the practice of automatic dues deduction.

Teachers across Pennsylvania are fed up with this unfair system. Educator Julie Raab calls the current relationship between teachers and their unions “parasitic.”

Robin Fought talks about her shock at discovering the collection arrangement unions have with government: “To my surprise, our school district resources as well as my tax money are being used to deduct not only union dues, but political action committee funds for PSEA-PACE that go to candidates that I do not support.”

John Cress notes: “I don’t think anybody should have to contribute to any type of political interest group as a condition of their employment.”

Joe Connolly asks: “Why is the baseline assumption that all public school employees should join the union or be forced to do so through tactics such as “fair share” agreements? What if the baseline assumption was that public school employees were capable of making an informed choice on their own?”

Other Pennsylvania public teachers are speaking out against forced unionism. Read more of their views at Free to Teach.