Obamacare Victims Mount

By now we’ve all heard the stories of businesses laying off employees or cutting benefits to avoid the huge penalties and fines that will be levied under Obamacare in 2014 and 2015. Investor’s Business Daily is keeping a list of Obamacare victims.

So far they’ve noted 313 employers, public and private, who have announced they are cutting hours or jobs due to Obamacare. And the list doesn’t even include announcements from major companies like Forever 21, Home Depot or UPS, where the connection between cuts and Obamacare wasn’t explicit.

In Pennsylvania, the list includes more than ten school districts, Hollywood Casino, the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh and Sesame Place in Buck’s County.

By mandating businesses—those with 50 or more employees—offer health care benefits to “full-time” employees, the ACA actually encourages businesses to cut health care for part-time employees, reduce workers’ hours, outsource jobs and keep hiring to a minimum.