Obamacare Failure: Goodbye Jobs

Last week, the Obama administration tried to sneak through an Affordable Care Act (ACA) bombshell—the delay of the employer mandate. What does this mean? Basically, it acknowledges that as we discover what’s actually in this more than 2,000 page bill, it’s becoming ever more unaffordable and harmful to our economy. Imagine that.

Arbitrarily delaying part of the ACA without Congressional approval certainly seems unconstitutional—only Congress can suspend or amend the law. This delay only slows the job destruction that’s already under way and paralyzes the economy with widespread uncertainty in the process.

Businesses are now in a bind. They have no idea what, or when, to expect new rules about what kinds of health insurance they must offer.  And they continue to face decisions about reducing employees or cutting their hours to avoid financial penalties. 

For some businesses it’s too late. Fatburger fast food restaurants already started cutting employee hours and Wegmans announced they will cut benefits for part-timers.

But the job losses aren’t limited to the private sector. Eastern Lancaster County School District plans to “outsource” about 100 support staff workers next school year, including food service workers and classroom aides, to avoid ACA penalties.

Job losses and reduced wages shouldn’t be a suprise. Way back in 2009, CF’s Nate Benefield warned Obamacare would result in a shift from private to goverment-subsidized insurance.

These job-squelching effects are just further proof that Pennsylvania should do everything in its power to protect citizens from the ACA disaster.

How can we do this? By not expanding Medicaid and not spending limited state resources on a state health care exchange. Lower costs and expanded access to care will only come by expanding consumer choice and reducing government intervention.