Lawmakers Stand up for Taxpayers, Reject Medicaid Expansion

Yesterday, 108 House Representatives voted to protect taxpayers from an expansion of the broken and unaffordable Medicaid program. You can thank them here.

Medicaid expansion is an optional part of Obamacare that would result in quarter of Pennsylvanians on government health care.

It takes courage to say no “free money” from Washington but these lawmakers understand that the short-term gain will be followed by long-term pain. The expansion is estimated to cost Pennsylvania taxpayers billions over the next decade in both state and local taxes, and would have resulted in untold harm to the poor who experience long wait times and worse health outcomes under Medicaid.

Before the vote, 33 representatives signed a letter promising to vote against the budget if Medicaid expansion was included in any of the budget-related bills. These lawmakers deserve special praise. Their united front was essential in defeating a last-minute expansion effort.

Please take a moment to thank these brave men and women who stood on principle to protect you and set Pennsylvania on a path to real health care reform.

Rep. Ryan Aument

Rep. Stephen Bloom

Rep. Jim Christiana

Rep. Jim Cox

Rep. Bryan Cutler

Rep. Gordon Denlinger

Rep. George Dunbar

Rep. Eli Evankovich

Rep. Mindy Fee

Rep. Matt Gabler

Rep. Keith Greiner

Rep. Seth Grove

Rep. Doyle Heffley

Rep. Dave Hickernell

Rep. Rob Kauffman

Rep. Jerry Knowles

Rep. Tim Krieger

Rep. John Lawrence

Rep. Ryan E. Mackenzie

Rep. John McGinnis

Rep. Steve Mentzer

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe

Rep. Carl Walker Metzgar

Rep. Dan Moul

Rep. Mark Mustio

Rep. Kathy Rapp

Rep. Mike Reese

Rep. Brad Roae

Rep. Tommy Sankey

Rep. Justin Simmons

Rep. Rosemarie Swanger

Rep. Will Tallman

Rep. Dan Truitt

Finally, a big thank you to Americans for Prosperity Pennsylvania for their tireless efforts to reassure lawmakers that Pennsylvanians do not want to expand Obamacare.