Consumers Still Waiting for Convenience

Consumers still demand convenience when it comes to purchasing alcohol, according to a story in the Patriot News, despite the General Assembly’s delay on passing liquor privatization until after the summer recess at least.

“I want privatization and the sooner the better,” said Bob Cherry of Hampden Township. Consumers across the state could not agree more. Eighty years of a government monopoly on the sale of wine and spirits is long enough, and three out of five Pennsylvanians agree.

Senator Charles McIlhinney addressed those who think the window to pass liquor privatization is closed,  saying this about privatization: “Nobody’s walking away that I saw saying this thing is dead.”

While some lawmakers may be counting on you to give up fighting for more choice and convenience, it’s important to stay vigilant and contact your lawmaker routinely. Let them know why they should pass full liquor privatization when they return for a regular legislative session in September.

Is liquor liberty dead? Not by a long shot.