Disappointing Budget Shows Need to Keep Fighting

This past weekend was not for the political faint of heart. Special interests, led by government union bosses and crony capitalists, prevented real liquor privatization and effective pension reform from moving forward. They did so by a slim majority, but they did it nonetheless.

Until lawmakers address these important issues fully, Pennsylvania families will continue to pay for their inaction. Property taxes will rise to feed the $47 billion pension deficit, and government officials will still promote and sell liquor on your dime.

We’re disappointed, but this is not the time to despair. The fight is far from over, our resolve has only grown stronger, and we’ll keep pushing this summer and beyond. These issues will continue to be debated in the fall, and thanks to you and the thousands of messages you sent lawmakers this spring, we’ve made significant progress already. Special interests delayed, but did not kill, these critical reforms.

The floodgates are opened, and the beneficiaries of big government cannot keep the will of We the People at bay forever. We are encouraged by lawmakers that stood strong against expanding a failing Medicaid program, preventing it from being included in the budget for now. We are grateful that cyber school funding was not arbitrarily slashed, so thousands of kids can continue to attend these schools of choice. And considerable progress was made in both houses on pension and liquor store privatization, though we have yet to achieve the outcomes you deserve.

Those who benefit from big government are counting on you to give up – because the only way they can win is if we stop fighting. That is why it’s critical that we keep up the pressure, stay informed, and stay engaged with the process.