Senate Liquor “Reform” Falls Short

This afternoon, Sen. Chuck McIlhinney introduced his liquor “reform” plan which falls short in delivering the convenience, selection, and pricing that Pennsylvanians demand. His proposal, which keeps the state-owned and operated liquor stores as well as the government-run wholesale monopoly of wine and spirits cannot be considered privatization.

With the government continuing as the wholesale middleman—in charge of supplying all wine and spirits to retail outlets—consumers will not see greater selection or lower prices in wine and spirits and would cost taxpayers an estimated $700 million.

But the battle for liquor liberty is not over.

We agree with Senate Majority Leader Pileggi that this proposal is only a starting point in the liquor privatization debate in the Senate, and that more work needs to be done to get government out of the booze business.

Click here to email your Senator and let Harrisburg know that Pennsylvanians want real privatization, not liquor sales “reform.” Click here for contact information for Senate leadership and Law & Justice Committee members.