Shocking Sheetz Statement Shames Senator

Fellow Pennsylvanians, we’ve all been there: road-weary on a long drive home, hungry and low on gas, and there it is…a big, red beacon of hope and MTOs…you have made it to Sheetz.

Okay, full disclaimer: I am a Western Pennsylvanian and my Sheetz card is practically falling off my keychain due to overuse.  But you don’t need to know a Shmiscuit from a Shmuffin to be embarrassed by recent comments about Sheetz in a Senate liquor privatization hearing: “They rip people off every day.”  Another outrageous union boss comment? No, a state senator. The roughly 40,000 fans of Sheetz’s pro-privatization Free My Beer campaign likely beg to differ.

Outrageous comments aside, whether you’d like to finally buy your booze at a Sheetz or a Wawa, or perhaps your local bar or restaurant, it’s essential not only for lawmakers to increase convenience, but to get government out of liquor sales entirely. If the government maintains monopoly control of wholesale distribution, the PLCB will have complete power to make or break any retail stores that sell liquor.

Full liquor privatization is critical to expand consumer choice in Pennsylvania. The PLCB’s wholesale monopoly doesn’t serve current outlets well and it will only get worse if the number of outlets that sell alcohol increase.

If you wish you could buy your adult beverages this weekend at a store that isn’t run by the government, make sure you let your senator know that you want government out of the business of selling alcohol – completely.