Time is Ticking

This morning marks the final hearing in the Senate on the House-approved proposal to privatize Pennsylvania’s Prohibition-era liquor system.  Time is ticking for the Senate to finally end the government booze monopoly.

A new poll released today from the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association shows that once again, the majority of Pennsylvanians support liquor privatization.  Further, support increased when supplementary questions were asked.  The poll revealed:

The number [of voters] who would be more likely to support liquor privatization grew to just under 70 percent if penalties for selling to minors became stricter (69 percent) and if displaced workers could find jobs in the private sector (68 percent). 
These results bolster privatization proponents because the current legislation being debated in the state Senate increases by tenfold penalties for selling to minors and establishes job tax-credits and training programs for PLCB retail and wholesale employees. Moreover, a recent analysis of policy changes in Washington State reveals that their privatization efforts led to a net increase in jobs and increased overall state revenues. 

The Senate needs to hear from you, the majority of Pennsylvanians that want government out of the booze business. Click here to write your Senator today.

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