Poll: Support for Parental Choices in Education Growing

A new poll has found a very healthy majority—62 percent—of the state’s registered and likely voters favor parental choice in public education. And 87 percent think parents should have the option to choose the type of public school that’s best for their children.

But while the benefits of choice in public education may be reaching the public—comparisons to earlier polls show increases in support for charter schools—it’s taking Pennsylvania’s legislators a little longer to get the message.

Legislation pending in the state House would unfairly target cyber schools for cuts that could reach as much as 12 percent of their funding. While some reforms are necessary, cyber schools already receive an average 81 percent per student of the funds given to traditional schools. These additional cuts would make it extremely difficult—if not impossible— for cyber schools to compete. Indeed, many would be forced to close their doors at these drastically reduced funding levels.

As the new poll shows, Pennsylvania’s parents want more options in public education, not fewer. Students such as Hannah, Alyssa, Avi, Stephen, Rachel, and tens of thousands more rely on cyber schools to reach their full potential.

You can defend their choice at CyberSchoolsSave.org by telling the governor and your legislators that you support cyber school funding!