Cyber Schools Save Kids from Bullying

Protect Kids from Bullying V2Stephen Frank was a cheerful young student with an enthusiasm for learning and an interest in football. Not long into his first year of middle school at his traditional public school, however, there was a change in his attitude. He became humorless, lethargic, and withdrawn.

After losing 40 pounds to an eating disorder, the problem became clear: bullying.

Stephen’s mother, Monica, contacted the school’s vice principal and guidance counselor but found no one willing or able to help protect her son. As Stephen’s condition became more desperate, Monica decided to look beyond the traditional school setting to find a solution.

Luckily, Monica is a cyber school teacher and was confident in the academic rigor and supportive environment offered by these public schools.  Stephen has now been attending 21st Century Cyber School for a year and the difference is stark. He is happy, full of life, and is on the distinguished honor roll every quarter. Most of all, he is safe.

Today is the seventh annual Day on the Hill for public charter and cyber charter schools sponsored by our friends at and It’s when families like the Franks—who now number in the thousands across Pennsylvania—come to Harrisburg to show how cyber schools have saved them.

In the end, Monica learned that parents have choices, even if traditional schools don’t offer them. You can read the Franks’ full story here. And if you couldn’t make it to the state capitol today, visit Sign up, send a letter to your legislators in support of cyber schools, and help maintain a safe alternative to traditional schools for kids like Stephen.