The Sun Rises on Liquor Liberty

It wasn’t a typical Monday morning for me or the dozen citizen-patriots and CF team members that stood together in an empty hallway, outside a hearing room in the Capitol building at 7:30 a.m.

We gathered there because liquor liberty—getting government out of the booze business—had its first big moment in the sun, a vote in the House Liquor Control Committee.  The Big Government Party, led by the government union bosses, was out in force, as always (behind us in line, I should note).  But I was proud to stand with fellow taxpayers like I did last week, when I captured and exposed government union boss intimidation on my iPhone.  (Have you seen that video?  It’s received national attention and nearly 5,000 views.) 

Liquor Control Meeting 3.18

Thanks to the patriots who stood in line with me this morning on behalf of the majority of Pennsylvanians that support an end to the government booze monopoly.  

And a big thanks to Chairman John Taylor and the following Committee members who voted ‘yes’ on liquor liberty—an important step as the legislation now moves to the House floor for vote. Please join me in thanking these representatives, you can click below for their contact information, or thank them publicly via social media.

Note: Rep. Nicholas Miccarelli was out on military leave.

Stay tuned for an analysis of the amended HB 790 that was voted out of committee today. 

In the meantime, as the battle for liquor liberty moves to the next front, check out for more information, and let your legislator know it’s time to end Pennsylvania’s Prohibition-era government booze monopoly!