Goliath, Drunk on Power—and On the Move!

What does a Middle Eastern battlefield from biblical times have to do with where you buy your booze? Actually, quite a lot. At the Commonwealth Foundation, we call the government union bosses—the leaders of the Big Government Party—our modern-day political “Goliath.” They are the power that maintains the status quo and fights against Pennsylvania’s hardworking families and taxpayers—including the effort to get the government out of the booze business.

The word from the frontlines in our current battle for liquor liberty is that Goliath is on the move. With a scheduled House vote next week, Goliath is apparently organizing phone calls out of Philadelphia—replete with the unions’ myths and half-truths—and into legislative offices as I type.

The government unions, with their vested interests in keeping government in the booze business, are dependent on taxpayer revenues to maintain their fight against taxpayers’ interests. Without the state stores, the union bosses lose their forced dues from employees and they lose some of their political power—neither of which they can survive without.

So whether you drink or not, getting the government out of the booze business is a great opportunity to strike a blow for taxpayer freedom against Pennsylvania taxpayers’ #1 political menace. But just like in biblical times, it will take a David—just like YOU—to defeat Goliath by joining this fight and contacting your legislator!

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