We Deserve Better than ‘Watery Beer’

Despite broad, bipartisan support to end Pennsylvania’s arcane monopoly on booze, legislators and special interests are saying “modernization” is good enough for Pennsylvania consumers.  Make no mistake: “modernization” keeps government in the booze business.  The PLCB has tried “modernizing” before: remember wine kiosks and government-brand booze?  No wonder the Philadelphia Inquirer said “Latest LCB proposals as bad as watery beer.”

Legislation that will get government out of the booze business is set to be introduced by Rep. Mike Turzai.  The next step will be the House Committee on Liquor Control, which meets March 18.  The chairman has already promised changes to the proposal—we must let the committee know that Pennsylvanians expect full privatization.  The committee members are listed below.  If your representative is on the list, write or call them today!  Click below for contact information or click here to send a quick email.

It’s time Pennsylvania taxpayers and consumers can toast to liquor freedom instead of choking down “watery beer.”