2012 Hudson Notice For Fair Share Fee Payers

The PSEA has just sent out its latest “Hudson notice” to some 5,000 fee payers across Pennsylvania. The notice includes union financial information and explains how the fee is calculated (and how to challenge that calculation), and how to challenge the fee based on religious objections. If you’re a fee payer, the 2012-13 deadline to submit your written challenge to the PSEA is January 22, 2013.

Fee payers pay a portion of regular union dues. For a full-time teacher in 2012-13, that comes to $430.77 for the state and national portions of PSEA union dues (regular union dues are $669). According to the December 11, 2012 Hudson notice, the PSEA calculates fair share fees at 73 percent of state-level PSEA dues, and 41 percent of National Education Association (NEA) dues.