Why We Launched Free to Teach

Free to TeachWe’ve had several conversations over the last year with public school educators. One thing has stood out: Teachers don’t feel like they have a genuine voice on educational and professional issues. Politicians, administrators and union bosses usually speak for them, but we don’t often hear directly from teachers.

Teachers have told us they would like an honest, independent forum to learn about and discuss the education issues that affect them. That’s how Free to Teach was born. When we explained the mission of Free to Teach to one educator, she told us, “We’ve been waiting for something like this.”

We’re putting a high premium on educators’ feedback and counsel. If you’re a public school teacher, we’d love for you to take our 10-question survey on education and your professional life.

We, along with many Pennsylvania educators, believe students should get the best education possible while teachers enjoy full professional freedom and thrive in their jobs. That’s the freedom to teach.

Visit www.FreeToTeach.org for more information!