Election Day: 5 Things to Remember

1. The election results won’t slay Goliath.  The special interests who feed off of tax dollars—government union bosses, trial lawyers, extreme greens, crony capitalists that rely on corporate welfare, reverse Robin Hoods that get rich off the poor—aren’t planning to lay off their lobbyists. As David Malpass notes in the Wall Street Journal today:

Whoever wins, the defenders of big government entrenched in Washington will come out in force during the next administration to protect high levels of government spending.

2. Most voters belong to the Taxpayer Party.  Polling by Public Notice finds that 56 percent of all voters, including 60 percent of Independents, believe “Less government involvement will grow the economy.”

3. Government union bosses use their special privileges to try to buy election wins.  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter Laura Olson, after poring through the latest campaign finance reports, noted yesterday: “Union spending also comes in near the top of the list when sorted by contributor.”

4. The real battle is at the state level.  Even if you don’t care about the $3.3 trillion that state and local governments spend, or the policies set at the state level, consider this: 305 former state lawmakers are running for Congress. 

5. Whoever wins won’t be getting an easy job.  The federal fiscal cliff and four-alarm fire facing Pennsylvania will remain as challenges for our next group of lawmakers—threatening our prosperity and our way of life.