Poll: Pennsylvanians Powerfully Plea for Privatization

Ever wonder if you were alone in your desire for freedom from the Czars of Zinfandel?  Wonder no more, comrades.bootlegging demo

According to a recent poll commissioned by the Philadelphia Inquirer, “When it comes to alcohol, a majority of Pennsylvanians agree on one thing: They want it firmly in the hands of the private sector.”

By a margin of more than 2-1, citizens say they are fed up with the state’s control over wine and liquor sales and want change. It’s no surprise, though the poll was conducted pre-Hurricane Sandy, an event sure to throw even more support behind liquor liberation.

As the Inky reported post-storm, the ponderous Princes of Pinot panicked and pressed prohibition, closing every single store in the state.   Meanwhile, privately-run liquor store located just yards over the border remained open, sending thousands of customers over the border to bootleg booze.

Although bootlegging by border bleed is an everyday phenomenon hemorrhaging potentially billions of dollars in sales and tax revenue, the event and the poll underscore the sense of urgency that should be embraced by the General Assembly and Gov. Corbett to end the insanity.

Until then, stay thirst my comrades.