Corrections Home Run for Gov. Corbett?

Under Gov. Tom Corbett’s leadership, Pennsylvania unanimously passed (Senate Bill 100) part of a landmark corrections reform package last session.

SB 100, now Act 122 of 2012, aims to reduce both crime and imprisonment rates in Pennsylvania, while providing upwards of $300 million in savings over the next five years. The bill’s effectiveness, however, depends on passing HB 135—currently stuck in the Senate—which would reinvest a portion of the savings in programs that create a more cost effective and smarter correctional system.

Together, Act 22 and HB 135 allow us the opportunity to reinvest a small portion of our savings to ensure long term savings, along with making our state a safer place.

However, unlike baseball, 1 for 2 is not a good batting average. The legislature should make passing HB 135 a priority this fall.