Oh, Great, More “Convenience”

From the fine makers of the wine kiosk catastrophe, government-branded grapes of wrath, uncorked comedic cronyism  and wasteful wine surplus trailer parks comes “Convenience 2020,” an epic new Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board failure coming to a grocery store near you.

Rube Corkscrew

Nope, you really can’t make this up, Rube Goldberg fans, more government convenience PLCB style headed your way.  This time instead of just competing against private enterprise in wines and spirits, they want to compete against beer distributors for market share. 

But make no bones about this latest sucking chest wound inflicted upon individual freedom and free markets, the “plan” isn’t about making it easier for shoppers, it’s about keeping control of power where government continues to pick wine winners and liquor losers.

Before media and consumers buy into this latest charade, let’s all remember last time the Czars of Zinfandel had a “plan” for convenience.  Cronies were handed a big check, consumers were left staring into an Orwellian camera and blowing into busted breathalyzers and taxpayers were left picking up the tab.

After a myriad of free-market mockeries that poured millions of tax dollars down the drain, the only acceptable government plan to make our lives more convenient is getting the heck out of the way.  Until then, stay thirsty my comrades.