Happy 225th Birthday, U.S. Constitution!

Today marks the 225th birthday of the U.S. Constitution, and while it may be getting up there in years, the principles it sets forth are no less relevant today than they were at the signing.  Why is this 225 year old document still relevant?

The Constitution, when its plain meaning is applied, is America’s most important tool to prevent the arbitrary and abusive rule of men and to maintain the rule of law and the limits on government power.  When correctly applied and enforced, the Constitution, and the people’s understanding of the Constitution, protects liberty…To preserve, indeed to revive our Constitution and thereby protect liberty, order, and justice for all, requires an understanding of what the Constitution says, what it means, and what it was intended to achieve.

This explanation is from a series of articles on the Constitution and our founding principles, entitled We the People.  Click here to check out the full series and get the tools to bolster your knowledge of and enthusiasm for this unparalleled document.

Freedom and liberty belong to “We the People,” but we must fight to preserve it.  So save yourself 225 candles and celebrate this Constitution Day by strengthening your understanding of our founding principles.