Taxpayer Tornado Sweeps Through Kansas, Union Party Swept Away

Wizard of Oz:  The EndWhat’s one of the few things stranger than a CF staffer reading the Huffington Post?

Easy.  A CF staffer reading on the Huffington Post about a great victory for the Taxpayer Party.

That’s what I did this morning.

As we at CF always say, the true balance of power in politics is not between Republicans and Democrats.  It’s between the Union Party and the Taxpayer Party.  That’s true in Pennsylvania and it’s true elsewhere.  And you can see it clearly in this Huffington Post article about last night’s primary results in Kansas!

The gist of the story is that in Kansas, a whole bunch of Republican state senators allied with the key constituencies of the Union Party, particularly government union bosses and trial lawyers, just lost their primaries.  These senators, including the president of the Senate, had previously stood in the way of path-breaking reforms such as those we’ve seen in Wisconsin, Indiana, and other states.  And while the Huffington Post points out that the Taxpayer Party victors received help from at least one entity linked to those deep-pocketed Koch brothers you’ve been hearing about, it does not mention that the Union Party legislators outspent their opponents by a factor of three to one.

What’s the lesson for those of us back here in the Keystone State?  Easy:  Don’t lose hope, and keep fighting both hard and smart.  Had the Taxpayer Party there given up after encountering deep frustrations over the last 18 months, it’d be “The End” right now in Kansas for the reforms our states and our nation desperately need.  Instead, notwithstanding their power and deep pockets, it’s the Union Party defenders of the status quo who are seeing the credits roll.

David can beat Goliath.  Pick up your sling.  Onward!