Popping Popular Privatization Myths

When short on facts, blow a lot of hot air. That’s the strategy of liquor store union boss Wendell Young IV. Wendell and I were panelists on a recent Delaware County Times webcast on Pennsylvania liquor store privatization. Given that fact-checking would deflate Wendell’s puffed up claims, he filibustered the conversation.

Given the misinformation thrown out during last week’s debate, I put together this Policy Memo to provide some of the facts on liquor privatization, safety concerns and jobs.

Wendell’s argument that Pennsylvania’s Prohibition-era liquor laws best serve citizens makes little sense, since 45 percent of consumers in the Philadelphia area admit they buy their liquor in other states to get better selection and prices.

To learn more, check out our new Policy Memo on liquor privatization facts and visit freemydrink.com to take action.