EPA Wants to Scare Jobs Out of Pennsylvania

The Environmental Protection Agency’s derailing of American’s economy is frightening enough to scare even the Ghostbusters (and they ain’t afraid of no ghost).

Pennsylvania will be the 7th hardest hit state by the EPA’s regulatory nightmare, costing the commonwealth more than 23,000 jobs while raising electricity rates by nearly 11 percent, according to American Legislative Exchange Council.

According to Count on Coal, an organization that educates citizens on how coal keeps electricity affordable, Pennsylvania gets 49 percent of its electricity from coal and the industry generates tens of thousands of jobs. That is, until the EPA forces 10 Pennsylvania coal power plants to shut down by 2015.

The EPA’s powers are being challenged by many, including Pennsylvania’s governor. A coalition letter signed by Gov. Tom Corbett opposing the EPA overreach states:

…EPA’s actions are adding to already overburdened state resources and are limiting the ability of states to administer their own, effective environmental programs and further slow the nation’s economic recovery.

Similarly, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission said the EPA’s approach “appears to be regulatory overkill and, more importantly, could threaten cost effective and reliable provision of electrical services in our State.”

Unfortunately, the EPA has become a regime of regulations without representation. Learn more here.