Constitutional, but Still Unaffordable, Unsustainable and Nonsensical

Paying for ObamaCareMy response to today’s Supreme Court of the United States ruling on President Obama’s healthcare reform law:

Just because something is ruled Constitutional doesn’t make it affordable, sustainable or sensible.

The President’s healthcare reform plan is unaffordable.  More Washington spending is not the way to control healthcare costs.

The President’s plan is irresponsible.  It does little to eliminate systemic waste, fraud and abuse.  In fact, it will only encourage more of it.

The President’s plan gives too much control to Washington. Instead of being patient-centered, the President’s Washington-centered plan will strip Pennsylvanians and their doctors of their healthcare decision-making rights.

We can do better. More government control of healthcare is the wrong prescription.  Democrats and Republicans can work together to find better solutions. They should replace this bill with a patient-centered approach that can deliver real healthcare reform for the people of Pennsylvania.

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