Gov. Corbett Is Right: Real Corrections Reform, Right Now

real corrections reformWe here at CF are proud to be part, along with Gov. George M. Leader, his family, and many others, of a transpartisan coalition favoring “real corrections reform, right now.” That is why this morning, I attended the release of the recommendations of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative working group.

At the meeting, Gov. Corbett made clear that he supports the report, wants to see its recommendations made into legislation, and wants that legislation on his desk by June 30. The JRI recommendations reflect the principles upon which our coalition has agreed and I couldn’t agree more with Gov. Corbett’s sense of urgency.

I also received the following comment this afternoon from Gov. Leader:

The release of the JRI report, with the support of stakeholders across our criminal justice system, demonstrates the importance of “real corrections reform, right now.” In the business world, where I’ve been since my governorship, when we have problems, we get good information and use it quickly to solve them. My family and I hope the General Assembly will do the same here, and we applaud Gov. Corbett and Secretary Wetzel for their leadership.