Taxpayers Screaming at PLCB Waste

Another day, another story of waste at the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. ABC 27’s Dennis Owens reports on the PLCB buying extravagant wine, then selling it at a discount (and not charging taxes or the usual 30 percent markup).

In all, the PLCB spent just over $27,000 on eight bottles of Screaming Eagle Cabernet and sold them for just over $20,000 – a $7,000 dollar loss – which leaves critics with a bitter aftertaste. …

The PLCB did not collect the usual markup. If those taxes and fees are factored in, the losses on those wines is closer to $22,613.

This is just the latest in a long train of abuses. Just in the last two weeks, stories have surfaced about the PLCB’s Wine Shrine, the $2.5 million the monopoly seller of wine and spirits lost in broken or missing bottles, and the $100,000 the PLCB spent on an iPhone app.

If anyone is benefiting from the PLCB’s monopoly, it is investigative reporters, who don’t have to go too far to find another story of government wasting your tax dollars.

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