Broken Bottle Booze Bonanza Baffles Bourbon Barons

Another day, another alliteration, another wasteful Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board practice uncovered by the media. This time, a hat tip to Ben Simmoneau of CBS 3 Philadelphia for his report uncorking a putrid potables policy whereby consumers can simply pour out contents, break a bottle, return it to the PLCB and they will replace it, no questions asked! You can’t make this stuff up.

The bottom line for the Viceroys of Vine: They lost $2.5 million worth of wine and liquor: bottles broken, stolen or just plain missing. The year before, it was $3 million. And that was a year the whole system only made $52 million, according to the report.

But no worries, drinks are always on the house. And by house, I mean taxpayers, who will continue to bear the burden of government-sold booze until privatization finds its way. Until then, stay thirsty comrades.