EXPOSED: PLCB Wine Shrine Uncovered

Nothing to see here, folks, move along and remain quiet, we are busy protecting your palettes.

That’s the dismissive reaction to taxpayers from Pennsylvania Liquor Control boss Joe Conti whose defense of the indefensible “Wine Shrine,” was exposed on ABC-27 and NBC-8 Harrisburg last night.  Built with 35,000 tax dollars plus labor from taxpayer-paid in-house staff carpenters, a cadre of cabernet clinicians called the “Luxury Team” use this room to properly “educate your palates.”  

But, hey, they don’t swallow, so it’s all good in the liquor hood, says Conti.  Moreover, it’s what the private sector does in other state, he says.  Ummm, Mr. Conti, that’s the point.

And of the leather-lined room where they selflessly sip samples of syrah?  Well, that’s a “bargain” and just “best practices” for government-paid employees who also jetset around the globe on your tax dollars picking wine winners and liquor losers. 

Conti complains this issue has nothing to do with privatization and those who are critical just have uninformed opinions. See for yourself and you decide if this is a good use of your tax dollars…


Until the Palate Bureau is replaced with freedom, stay thirsty my comrades.