Union Guts More Teaching Jobs

Yes, the chickens are truly coming home to roost.  But before status quo apologists cry ‘fowl,’ economic realities due to union strong-arm tactics and unsustainable benefits programs are undeniably hitting school districts across the state.

Enter Easton Area School District as the latest victim, as they have been forced to vote for a cut of 70 jobs, including 40 teaching positions.  What’s more, just like Central Dauphin School District here in the mid-state, the EASD board also had to hike taxes again just to make ends meet.


EASD Chief Operating Officer Mike Simonetta said the district was weighed down by debt and personnel contracts it can’t afford.  Sounds like a familiar refrain.

The response from the left?  Typical:  Blame Corbett and fairytale “budget cuts”  last year instead of the union’s decades-long practice of gouging taxpayers and districts for pay and benefits few districts can afford and fewer in the private sector enjoy.

Feeling “The Squeeze” yet?