State Liquor Stores’ Soviet-style Socialism Fails

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board once again proves it does not know how to manage a business, and its Soviet-style socialist control fails to satisfy customers.

More than a month ago, the PLCB abruptly closed a liquor store in West Philadelphia that ranked among the top 100 most profitable stores because of building safely concerns. As the Philadelphia City Paper reports, the next closest liquor store is now absurdly backlogged. Customers are being turned away and long lines are common. In fact, the reporter’s mother was forced to wait outside in winter’s cold because of limited space. To this, the PLCB responded that making customers wait outside in Philadelphia is normal. Normal? As we’ve mentioned, the PLCB does not understand customer satisfaction.

Even more absurd, the PLCB is looking to replace the closed store with locations that are a 30-minute bus ride away from the previous location, failing to relieve the congestion in the West Philadelphia liquor store.

Despite many examples of customer service incompetence, like this one, policymakers are currently considering expanding the PLCB (through SB 1287), instead of ending its unique monopoly over booze that hurts taxpayers and consumers. Lawmakers should listen to consumers and taxpayers that want their freedom back and privatize the state-run liquor stores.