Will These House Members Honor Their Pledge?

That is the question Pennsylvanians are asking this afternoon, as 30 House members who signed their name and pledged to the people of the commonwealth not to raise taxes, are being asked to pass a TAX on natural gas drilling.  Will they or won’t they keep their word to the families of Pennsylvania?  We will keep you posted.

Stephen Barrar (H-160)
Kerry Benninghoff (H-171)
Stephen Bloom (H-199)
Scott W. Boyd (H-43)
Jim Cox (H-129)
Thomas C. Creighton (H-37)
George Dunbar (H-56)
Brian Ellis (H-11)
Joe Emrick (H-137)
Camille George (H-74)
Mark M. Gillen (H-128)
Ted Harhai (H-58)
Susan C. Helm (H-104)
Rob Kauffman (H-89)
Fred Keller (H-85)
Tim Krieger (H-57)
David M. Maloney (H-130)
Jim Marshall (H-14)
Daryl Metcalfe (H-12)
Gerald J. Mullery (H-119)
Scott Perry (H-92)
Joseph A. Petrarca (H-55)
Jeff Pyle (H-60)
Dave Reed (H-62)
Brad Roae (H-6)
Todd A. Rock (H-90)M
ario M. Scavello (H-176)
Justin Simmons (H-131)
RoseMarie Swanger (H-102)
Katherine McDowell Watson (H-144)