Stop the Fiscal Inferno!

FIscal Inferno ImageBurn, baby, burn, it’s a fiscal inferno!

Okay, perhaps that’s not exactly how the old disco song goes, but that’s certainly how some politicians are singing it in Harrisburg. Pennsylvania’s fiscal house is about to catch fire and they need to change their tune.

While bell bottoms and leisure suits have long since gone out of style, it has taken Pennsylvania far longer to snap out of the Seventies tax-and-spend mindset. Before Gov. Corbett and the legislature cut spending last year, state spending had grown for decades, far outpacing inflation and population growth. This built a budgetary bonfire that will soon reduce Pennsylvania families to ashes if we don’t put it out now.

Yet, too many in Harrisburg continue to cling to a disco-era mentality, failing to create jobs, modernize antiquated “prevailing wage” mandates, privatize liquor stores, or save children from failing and violent schools.

Worse yet, a new, job-killing tax was revealed yesterday that just passed the Senate – a tax that would not put out the fiscal inferno, but instead would feed it. This came suddenly after a handful of legislators and staff struck a deal behind closed doors. As the fiscal inferno grows, we will watch thousands of jobs and affordable home energy go up in flames. Burn, baby, burn.

Don’t stand by and watch the fiscal inferno destroy our financial future. Click here to ask your legislator to protect Pennsylvania’s economy from the four-alarm inferno and click here to ask them to vote against a tax on Marcellus Shale drilling. It will take just a few short minutes; please take action right now! It’s time for Harrisburg to snap out of the Seventies and for overgrown government and tax-and-spend attitudes to go the way of platform shoes and polyester double-knits.