PLCB Quips Curing Cancer Can’t Combat Critics

In a recent interview on Harrisburg’s ABC-27, PLCB board member P.J. Stapleton III clarified once again why we frequently refer to the PLCB as tone deaf.

Speaking with reporter Dennis Owens about criticism of the board’s decision to raise prices, Stapleton actually offered the following:

“Quite frankly, Dennis, we could announce that we’ve found a cure for cancer and be criticized, you know, for people living too long,” said Stapleton.

No, Sir, we don’t know that. Having lost many a friend and family member to this dreaded disease (and I am sure you have, too) let’s gain some perspective:  The PLCB promotes and sells alcohol in a government-run monopoly, they don’t do research to combat global human suffering.  We criticize the board for protecting and promoting a broken system that doesn’t work for taxpayers and consumers, period.

Here’s some more perspective if needed: