PennFuture’s Political Games

Enviro-profiteers PennFuture (an environmental activist group) misused tens of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars, and what was the President and CEO Jan Jarrett’s response? “My bad.”

Jarrett admitted the organization didn’t read the $138,000 grant contract and thus didn’t know it couldn’t hire a consultant with the funds or repurpose the money – it did both – without the Department of Community and Economic Development’s approval. After being exposed by the Governor’s office, PennFuture is now paying the grant back.

At the same time, PennFuture is lobbying for a higher Marcellus Shale fee or a tax to fund Growing Greener, which happens to fund programs from which they get grants.

This unacceptable disregard to tax dollars shines light on the political games being played by PennFuture.

Coincidentally, the “consultant” they hired happened to be a former state lawmaker. If PennFuture gets its hands on more tax dollars, which future former lawmakers might wind up working as eco-lobbyists?