Drilling Regulations in Pennsylvania vs. Neighbors

Marcellus Shale Fee 2Marcellus Shale opponents often mislead the public with claims such as the industry doesn’t pay taxes (debunked here), the economic benefits are overstated (read here, here and here to decide for yourself), and that enacting a severance tax is “fair” because other states have it (debunked here).

A growing assertion is that drilling isn’t well regulated in Pennsylvania and that a severance tax would make drilling safer. This is also false. While Department of Environmental Protection, and now the legislature, continually evaluate and improve protections, it is clear the Keystone State has tough drilling standards that protect communities and the environment.

Below is a comparison of some of Pennsylvania’s current drilling regulations compared to neighboring states and those proposed in HB 1950 (the version passed by the PA House) and SB 1100.

Current and Proposed Drilling Legislation in Pennsylvania Compared to Neighboring States

As the legislature looks to enact a Marcellus fee and new drilling regulations, they should consider how uncompetitive Pennsylvania can become if emotions and not science guides the rulemaking.

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