Boardwalk Empire Eyes Bourbon Bust

In 1933, a board game called Monopoly was created and Pennsylvanians took pride in seeing Keystone State references throughout.  Sadly, another monopoly board game was created that year called the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.  Now 78 years later, only a few self-interested Pennsylvanians are taking much pride in this monopolizing mockery of mismanagement, manipulation and mediocrity.Monopoly

And so it is no surprise the Patriot News reports that just in time for Valentines Day, the Board is taking aim once again at consumers as a means to pay for its failures.  According to the report, the PLCB is expected to vote in January on whether it will raise prices on 450 of its products, a move CEO Conti said would bring about $5 million to state coffers (read coughers).

Well, someone has to pay for a failed $66 million dollar-plus inventory system, the $10 million spent this year on advertising and merchandizing wine and spirits (done in a monopoly, mind you), a million dollar and growing wine kiosk fiasco and the short-lived million dollar victim-blaming alcohol education campaign.  Guess who that is?  No, not the CEO or board members who made those bad decisions, that would be how a real business works. Once again, it’s you, the consumer and taxpayers, who are left picking up the tab.  Happy Valentine’s Day, hope you like higher taxes slathered in chocolate fail.

Unless we get the legislative chance card that says the PLCB cannot pass go and collect its next $200, the sweetheart deals will remain only for the few. Until then, stay thirsty my comrades.