Owned or Rented by the PSEA?

A prominent politician (someone you’d recognize if I named him) reminded me yesterday that the primary obstacle in letting parents choose the safest and best school for their children is that too many Republicans are “rented” by the school labor unions for their purposes and most Democrats are simply “owned” by the special interest group.  Hence the difficulty in even getting a modest expansion of school choice through a Republican-dominated legislature.

Some House Republicans continue to think the PSEA and PFT labor unions will be their friends if they stand with them in preventing children from escaping violent and failing public schools.  Well, as one senator recently wrote back to me after thanking him for his vote to expand school choice, the unions demand nothing short of complete allegiance to their agenda.  He wrote:


Thanks for the letter in regards to my continuing support of SB1.

Since I’m getting beat up back in my District pretty harshly, my only regret is that we “watered down” the Bill to only the worst performing [schools].

Was hoping for a statewide implementation to give the PSEA really something to complain about.

Still – Thanks for the kind words.


Is your Representatve owned or rented by the PSEA?  Ask them here, and then see how they vote.