Will Liquor Liberty Have to Wait Another Year?

The Patriot News obtained a draft copy of the forthcoming study on liquor store privatization commissioned by Gov. Tom Corbett. According to the story, the report predicts auctioning off 1,250 retail store license will generate $1.3 billion to $1.9 billion in upfront state revenue.

But the report also recommends offering more liquor stores licenses than HB 11 currently provides to maximize consumer choice. To meet the national average of stores per capita, Pennsylvania should have 2,832 spirits stores, and more than 6,000 wine retailers.

The Patriot News also writes that the political prospects of ending the government-run liquor monopoly this year are dwindling.

If you think it is past time to get government out of the booze business, visit FreeMyDrink.com to take action and tell legislators this is the time for liquor liberty.